We believe that healthy pastures, forests, and the soil that supports them are vital to maintaining thriving ecosystems and a healthy planet.

By building and regenerating these vital resources, we create the fertile topsoil that we all depend on for a healthy future.

By serving and protecting this fragile habitat, we have the opportunity and privilege to produce nutrient-dense food for our community.

Livestock Farm & Processing Crew

We’re seeking passionate individuals to join our Pasture-Based Livestock Farm and Processing Crew. Crew members will work both out in the field (75% of the week) and in the processing unit (25% of the week). Crew members will have a hand in all aspects of farm & unit operations, contributing throughout the entire field-to-plate process.

Fulfillment & Farm Market Associate

Come participate in Vermont’s local food system through the fulfillment and delivery of regeneratively-grown, pasture-raised meats. Help build a retail-focused distribution system to bring more food to our local community. Work closely with our Sales & Inventory Manager to smoothly execute meat inventory tracking, on-farm market upkeep, weekly Burlington Farmers Markets, wholesale meat deliveries, and more!