Kickstarter News Update-Funds are in, time for action

Kickstarter News Update-Funds are in, time for action

We just received our funds and we are ready to start our plans.  It’s really happening! Bruce, Beth, Eric, James and Abby are all energized by what's ahead!

First, we are starting with increasing access to our products. Two glass front freezers are ready for us to pick up next week. We will get our electrician to be sure the barn is ready to support the extra load then we will FILL them with more product with what we have not displayed.  We will be doubling our inventory offerings at the farm market! You will see more winter roasts, an expanded number of pork cuts, all of our amazing sausage flavors, and more partner products! We are excited to share pasta, tortillas and more in support of amazing Vermont businesses.

The pledge funds are also supporting buying livestock. We just put our deposit on our batch of 1,800 pullet layer hens. A pullet is a young hen (at least 16 weeks old that has not laid eggs yet).  We order them from a farm in Pennsylvania  that raises the birds since we do not have the infrastructure to do so. Each year we welcome a new flock in April to join us to get settled out on pasture - they begin laying after a few weeks. When they are at a 90% lay rate, we then retire the ‘ladies’ from the year before so we don't have a gap in egg production. Moving daily layer hens are one of our biggest contributors to soil health. They cleanse, they add manure, and they give us nutrient dense food all packed into one delicious egg!

For the folks that made pledges with farm product rewards, we will be shipping those boxes of our delicious meats throughout February and completed by March 1st! We will contact you soon to confirm your address!

Fried Chicken Dinner fans… did you know our next dinner is Friday February 3rd. Pledgers who are getting a dinner, I’ll send you a code you can sign up for the dinner date of your choice.

Anyone naming a mobile range coop? Be thinking of your name! We will be making the signage before the end of winter!

The soil building won't be happening until early summer when we can put the rip sower to use and buy the seeds to plant in our fields. We are excited to supercharge our topsoil activity! More updates will be coming over the winter and spring.

At any time you have any questions about what we are doing please don’t hesitate to contact us. Afterall you have invested in this farm! It’s OUR farm- we love sharing this adventure with you. 

Thank you,

Bruce and Beth and the team at MWF

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