know your farmer

Healthy Land, Animals, Plants & People

Our animals are humanely and ethically raised on pasture, without the use of synthetic chemicals, added hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.



We believe that healthy grasslands, forests, and the soil that supports them are vital to maintaining thriving ecosystems and a healthy planet. By building and regenerating these vital resources, we create the fertile topsoil that we all depend on for a healthy future. By serving and protecting this fragile habitat, we have the opportunity and privilege to produce nutrient-dense food for our community.


We’re all responsible for our own health and finding the vital foods that lie at the center of our own healthy choices. We encourage you and your family to know where your food comes from and how it’s grown, and develop a relationship with the farmers that grow your food. We promise to do our part to get to know you and offer you the clean, healthy food that your family deserves.


We believe in being transparent about everything we do. You’ll never see our farm cut corners or claim to be anything but farmers who raise their animals with kindness and respect. When good energy goes into your food, we believe you can taste the difference.


Maple Wind Farm chickens are pasture-raised in a nourishing, calm and safe environment—and moved every day to fresh, new grass. It takes hard work, but we believe it’s important. You can taste the difference in our tender, juicy and flavorful meat. And you can actually see the difference in the vibrant, orange yolks of our eggs - full of the beta-carotenes abundant in fresh grass. 

Beef cows are 100% grass-fed, they are moved daily to fresh grass, building healthy soil and essential nutrients. What’s good for the cow is also good for the earth. Our beef is clean, healthy, grass-fed protein and fat, so you can feel good feeding it to your family. Our pigs and turkeys have plenty of space to root and peck with access to fresh air, green grass, and warm sunshine. We think of this as a little kindness paid forward in the food we offer.